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Use AI to create stunning Digital illustrations User Interfaces 3D printing designs Motion graphics Branded designs

Bespoke Illustrator CC - 2 Day Introduction

Key Course Details:


Introduction to Intermediate


2 Days (10am-5pm)


From £949 + VAT


Dates to suit you

Learn the fundamentals of Illustrator with this bespoke comprehensive introduction to the leading graphic-design program. Get up to speed as you learn how create, edit, and export crisp vector graphics. The perfect starting point for anyone interested in creative visuals.

This course can be based around our base outline or part/fully customised according to your level & requirements. Our bespoke Adobe Illustrator CC training is offered either Online, Onsite at your offices or at one of the XChange centres in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Learn the fundamentals of Illustrator with this bespoke comprehensive introduction to the leading graphic-design program. Get up to speed as you learn how create, edit, and export crisp vector graphics. The perfect starting point for anyone interested in creative visuals.

This course can be based around our base outline or part/fully customised according to your level & requirements. Our bespoke Adobe Illustrator CC training is offered either Online, Onsite at your offices or at one of the XChange centres in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

  • Bespoke Illustrator CC - 2 Day Introduction

    Course Details

    Adobe Illustrator CC is the latest version of Adobe's industry standard vector-based illustrating tool and with the likely demise of Freehand it looks set to retain its crown for some time. It is used by graphic designers throughout the world to create a vast variety of different media including illustrations, package designs, leaflets & flyers, web graphics & animations, notice boards, billboards, and many other graphic objects. Mastering the basics then means you'll be able to produce an almost endless scope of graphic designs.

    Adobe Illustrator CC adds some great new features that beginners can start using straight away such as Control palette, Adobe Bridge, Live Trace and expanded export options.

    By the end of this 2 day course for beginners, you will have learnt about the key Adobe Illustrator CC features and tools that you need to begin designing attractive graphic designs and art work.

    (This course is also available as a 1 day course. This intermediate course covers most of the basics of the 2 day course but allows less time for experimenting and creating completed designs.)

    Course Target Audience and delegate prerequisites:

    This course is intended for graphic designers and textile/fashion designers, and anyone else who has visual-design responsibilities.

    You will need basic PC or Mac skills, including a solid understanding of a computer's operating system (Windows or Mac OS). You will also need to know how to launch a program, create and save files, and copy files from CDs and other media.

    classroom image
  • Full Course Outline

    The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.

    Essential Illustrator Concepts
    • Overview of Programme Capabilities
    • What are Vector Graphics?
    Creating a document
    • Colour Space RGB & CMYK
    • Resolution
    • Pasteboard
    • Multiple Artboards
    • Tabbed open documents
    The Illustrator Interface
    • The Tool Bar (including Key Shortcuts)
    • Using the Control Panel
    • Intro to Panels
    • View Options
    • Basic Shortcuts
    • Basic Navigation
    • Preview/Outline Options
    • Preferences
    • Rulers
    • Creating Guides
    • Hiding/Showing Guides
    • Locking/Unlocking Guides
    • Making/Releasing Guides
    • Smart Guides -Grids
    • Snap-to Features
    Panel and Workspaces
    • In-Depth Functions
    • Customising
    • Saving a Workspace
    • The Options Button
    Creating Objects
    • Exploring Object Options
    • Shortcuts
    • The Bounding Box
    • Altering Objects
    Creating Lines, Segments, Spirals & Grids
    • Exploring Object Options
    • Shortcuts
    Moving, Duplicating & Groups
    • Moving & Copying
    • Transform Again
    • Multiple Copies
    • Duplicating Shortcuts
    • Group/Ungrouping
    Object Hierarchy
    • Send to Back/Send to Front
    • Send Backward/Send Forward
    • Shortcuts
    • Intro to Layers and Sub Layers
    • The Reference Point
    • Scaling
    • Rotating
    • Shearing
    • Reflecting
    • Shortcuts
    • Free Transform Tool (for Perspective)
    • Transform Each
    Selection Tools
    • Exploring the difference between the two
    • Methods of Selection
    • The Bounding Box
    • Editing Objects with the Direct Selection Tool
    • Selecting Objects within Groups
    • Undo/Redo
    • Multiple Undo/Redo
    Open Paths
    • Joining Points
    • Averaging Points
    Working with Colour
    • Fill & Stroke Tool overview
    • Shortcuts
    • Colour Panel Overview (for Custom Colour)
    • Swatches Panel Overview (for Saved Colour)
    • Creating and Saving Colours
    • Editing Colours
    • Global Colours
    • Pantone and Spot Colours
    • Creating Swatch Groups and Libraries
    • Using Libraries
    • Adobe Swatch Exchange
    • The Appearance Panel
    • Object Attributes
    • Multiple attributes
    • Applying Live Effects
    • Graphic Styles
    • Appearance Panel Settings
    Gradients - The Gradient Panel
    • Creating Gradients
    • Editing Gradients
    • The Gradient Tool
    • Working with Gradient Libraries
    • New Gradient Features
    • Working with Patterns
    • Modifying Patterns
    • Editing Patterns
    • Creating Patterns
    • Working with Pattern Libraries
    Colour Guide & Live Colour
    • Colour Guide Overview
    • Live Colour Overview
    • Modifying colour in artwork
    • Select Same
    • Finding colours with kuler
    Strokes and Paths
    • The Strokes Panel
    • Corners and Caps
    • Alignment
    • Custom Dash Options
    • Outlining Paths
    • Offsetting Paths
    • Using Borders (through Brushes)
    Basic Text Editing
    • The Type Tools
    • Creating Point Text
    • Creating Area Text
    • Text Formatting
    • The Character Panel
    • The Paragraph
    • Keyboard Shortcuts and Preferences
    • Area Type Options
    • Creating Text Threads
    • Using the Glyphs panel
    • Checking spelling
    • Using the Change Case Function
    • Convert Text to Outlines
    • Style Sheets
    Text on a Path
    • The Type on a Path Tools
    • Text on a Path Overview
    • Text on a Path Options
    • Text on an Open Path
    • Text on a Closed Path
    • Editing Text on Path
    Working with Images
    • Placing images
    • Image Masks
    • Making/Releasing Masks
    • Making Compound Masks
    • Making Type Masks
    • Using the Links panel
    • The Edit Original workflow
    • Rasterising artwork
    Live Trace
    • Live Trace Overview
    • Live Trace Tools
    • Live Trace Explored
    Working with Layers
    • Overview, Purpose and Function
    • Looking at Layered Files
    • Working with layers
    • Layers and Object Hierarchy
    • Sub Layers
    • The Layers Panel Explained
    • Creating Layers
    • Duplicating Layers
    • Layer Groups
    • Layer Shortcuts
    • Layers and Animation
    The Pen Tool
    • Drawing Paths with the Pen Tool
    • Mastering the Pen Tool
    • Editing Paths
    • Editing Anchor Points
    • Direct Selection Tool Shortcuts
    • Shortcuts for Related Tools
    • Pencil & Eraser Tools
    The Align Panel
    • Aligning objects
    • Distributing objects
    • Combining Objects etc
    • Shape Modes
    • Pathfinder Modes
    • Using Align & Pathfinder Together
    Compound Paths
    • Making Compound Paths
    • Releasing Compound Paths
    • Do’s and Don'ts of Compound Paths
    • Overview of How Brushes Work
    • Working with Brushes
    • Using Brush Libraries
    • Brush types
    • Editing Brushes
    • Creating a Calligraphic Brush
    • Creating a Scatter Brush
    • Creating an Art Brush
    • Creating a Pattern Brush
    Transparency & Blends
    • The Transparency Panel
    • Blend Options
    Live Paint
    • Live Paint Overview
    • Live Paint Tools
    • Live Paint Explored
    • Selecting Areas
    • Selecting Paths
    • Gap Detection
    Creating Blends
    • Blends Overview
    • Creating a Basic Blend
    • Expanding a Blend
    • Blends and Animation
    Applying Filters and Live Effects
    • 3D Extrude & Bevel Effect
    • 3D Revolve Effects
    • Mapping Artwork to 3D Objects
    • Transforming Effects
    • Using the Stylise Effects
    • Using the Scribble Effect
    • Using the Warp Effect
    • Exploring Other Filters
    • The Warp Tool & Distortion Tools
    • Expanding Appearance
    • The Graph Tool Overview
    • Creating Graphs
    • Editing Graphs
    • Using the Variables Panel
    • Updating Graphs From Data
    Gradient Mesh
    • Gradient Mesh Overview
    • The Gradient Mesh Tool
    • Editing Gradient Meshes
    • Using the Selection Tools
    Envelope Distort
    • Make With Warp
    • Make With Mesh
    • Make With Top Object
    • Envelope Distort Options
    • Working with Symbols
    • Using Symbol Libraries
    • Editing Symbols
    • Creating Symbols
    • Symbol Sprayer Tool
    Graphic Styles
    • Overview of Graphic Styles
    • Using Graphic Style Libraries
    • Creating Graphic Styles
    • Saving Graphic Styles
    Separations Preview
    • Overview of Separations Preview Panel
    • Using Separations Preview
    • Separations Preview Options
    Saving and Printing
    • Saving in Illustrator
    • Printing in Illustrator
    • Exporting in Illustrator
    • PDF options
    • Setting up page tiling
    • Using the Crop Area tool
  • Training Location Options

    Online ↓ London ↓ Manchester ↓ Glasgow ↓ Onsite ↓

    This course is offered for your convenience at one of our bespoke training centres in London, Manchester and Glasgow, Remote Online, or Onsite at your offices anywhere in the UK. Just let us know what would work best for you or your team.

    Remote Online

    Delivered Online to your location

    Live online training offers an extremely flexible and convenient way of covering the same content as our bespoke classroom based courses. You will receive professional, certified design training from one of our experienced instructors direct to your screen, offering the perfect solution for those wishing to learn without having to travel.

    Click to view Full details of our
    Remote Online Training Courses

    Central London

    5 St John’s Lane, Clerkenwell, EC1M 4BH

    St John’s Lane is located in the heart of Clerkenwell close to the junction of Farringdon and Clerkenwell Road. Farringdon tube & train station is just a few minutes away and the training centre can also be accessed from Chancery Lane and Barbican tubes in about 10 minutes. There is also easy direct access by bus from Waterloo (243) and West End (55) with nearby stops.

    Click to view Full details of our
    London Training Centre

    Central Manchester

    Piccadilly House, 49 Piccadilly, M1 2AP

    Piccadilly House is located in central Manchester directly next to the Piccadilly Gardens transport interchange with excellent bus and tram connections and is easily accessed from Piccadilly train Station (5 mins). Victoria station is also close by (around 10 mins).

    Click to view Full details of our
    Manchester Training Centre

    Central Glasgow

    Centrum Business Centre, 38 Queen Street, G1 3DX

    The Queen Street training centre is located in central Glasgow within easy walking distance of the 3 local train options of Central Station, Queen Street and Argyle Street offering excellent transport connections.

    Click to view Full details of our
    Glasgow Training Centre


    Onsite at your Offices/Premises

    If you have the required set up and would prefer to have the training at your location we will be able to deliver the same session onsite at your premises as in our training centres. This will provide you with the same tailored training but without the need to travel and less disruption to you or your teams work schedule.

    Click to view Full details of
    Onsite Training
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  • Client Reviews

    ''Highly enjoyable session - having had no previous experience with Illustrator it proved very easy to pick things up under guidance. Thank you XChange!''

    William McPhail, Sothebys, Illustrator - 2 Day Introduction

    ''I found this course to be extremely helpful. I now feel like I have a lot more confidence using the software and have a much better knowledge.''

    Abi Griffin, 2 Day Illustrator Advanced

    ''The Illustrator course was well-organised, well-paced, informative, and I learned many new features and ways to use the software for potential real-world applications.''

    Megan Wolf, Makro, Illustrator - 1 Day Introduction

    ''Had an absolutely fantastic tutor and session - covered everything I asked and didn't know to ask!! So happy with the aftercare support as well and would love the opportunity for another relevant course in future.''

    Emily Theodore, Catersales, Illustrator - 1 Day Advanced

    ''An excellent course and a very informative couple of days, I feel much more confident in using Illustrator following this great course, thank you.''

    Keith Baker, Current Medicine Group, Illustrator - 2 Day Advanced

    ''Very relaxed atmosphere & friendly atmosphere. Trainer very informative, knowledgable and willing to help with any questions or difficulties. Offices in a good central location. An enjoyable and informative course.''

    Kerry Duguid, Plant Integrity Mgmt., Illustrator - Two Day Introduction

    ''The training was very useful and there were two of us in the class so we had a lot of 1-on-1 training which was great. Relaxed but a focused atmosphere.''

    Clare McCarthy, Charles Tyrwhitt, Illustrator - 2 Day Advanced

    ''A great session, covering some fantastic tools and knowledge about the product. The trainer was excellent, and was great at tailoring the course to my specific needs, and explained and demonstrated things in a well executed manner - thank you so much!''

    Lauren Orange, The Freeston Academy, Adobe Illustrator - 1 Day Introduction

    ''Very accommodating environment, friendly staff, excellent instructor and added extra benefits from the course i.e food vouchers, resource books and contact information.''

    Abbie Hulson, 2 Day Illustrator Advanced

    ''This is my third class, they have all been excellent. Earning my Adobe Illustrator qualification with you has made a big difference in my job hunting. Thank you.''

    Velo Mitrovich, Illustrator - 1 Day Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions:

What dates are available for this course?

As a bespoke course the date arrangement is based around your requirements and availability in our schedule. With your guide of when you are looking for the training we will advise suitable date options ahead of finalising the planned date(s).

Can the content be tailored to my requirements?

Yes we are flexible about tailoring content and can adapt to be fully based on your requirements, a mixture of content from different levels of our base courses or a base outline with some additional focus areas.

Can this course be delivered live online?

Yes we can provide the same bespoke course as a live online session connecting to you or your group with either Zoom or Microsoft Teams if preferred.

What is the cost to deliver the course onsite?

We are equally able to deliver our bespoke training onsite at your premises and the cost to deliver this is the same structure as classroom with the addition of basic expenses depending on your location. Onsite courses in and around London, Manchester and Glasgow are usually without additional costs.

Can the course include my work samples?

It is often possible to review and include consideration towards sample files however the main course content is usually structured around prepared examples which are best suited to the planned content and structure of teaching the required skills in the best format.