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XChange Training Location Bristol

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Adobe Flash CC Masterclass - Bristol

Key Course Details:




- 10am to 5pm


£950 + vat

Go from being a novice to mastering the advanced tasks in the leading interactive-design program. Join us as we show you how to take charge and become a Flash power user. Learn how to create and structure advanced visual projects. Pass the ACP exam and get qualified!

We will guide you on everything from getting started with a simple document and controlling the Flash environment all the way up to creating animations with complex motion paths. With our help, you will become confident in using the program's advanced features to produce impressive interactive visuals ready for the web. You will end the course by testing your skills in the ACP exam.

Go from being a novice to mastering the advanced tasks in the leading interactive-design program. Join us as we show you how to take charge and become a Flash power user. Learn how to create and structure advanced visual projects. Pass the ACP exam and get qualified!

We will guide you on everything from getting started with a simple document and controlling the Flash environment all the way up to creating animations with complex motion paths. With our help, you will become confident in using the program's advanced features to produce impressive interactive visuals ready for the web. You will end the course by testing your skills in the ACP exam.

  • Flash Masterclass

    Course Details

    Course Target Audience and delegate prerequisites:

    This course is designed for those who are new to design and development and who want to get started with Flash.

    You will need basic PC or Mac skills, including a solid understanding of a computer's operating system (Windows or Mac OS). You will also need to know how to launch a program, create and save files, and copy files from CDs and other media.

    classroom image
  • Full Course Outline

    The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.

    Introducing the Course
    • Understanding the course format
    • Reviewing the course objectives and prerequisites
    • Looking at the course outline
    Working in Adobe Flash
    • Setting Stage dimensions
    • Working with panels and panel layouts
    • Setting preferences
    • Identifying the development cycle
    • Publishing a file
    Creating and Importing Graphic Assets
    • Working with different graphic formats
    • Importing bitmap graphics
    • Importing vector graphics
    • Working with layers and layer folders
    • Using the drawing tools
    • Using object and merge drawing
    • Working with the Colour panels
    • Creating and using Graphic symbols
    • Using the Library panel
    Using Text Effectively
    • Using the Text tool
    • Adding and formatting static text
    • Changing font rendering methods
    • Adding input text fields
    • Embedding fonts in input text fields
    • Using font best practices
    Creating Animations
    • Working with the Timeline
    • Using keyframes, blank keyframes, and frames
    • Creating motion tweens
    • Creating shape tweens
    • Creating transition effects
    • Using animation best practices
    Adding Adobe Flash ActionScript with Script Assist and Behaviors
    • Using Script Assist
    • Adding actions to a frame
    • Creating and using Button symbols
    • Adding behaviors to a button
    • Loading external Adobe Flash SWFs
    Using Moving Clips
    • Creating and using Movie Clip symbols
    • Organizing a Movie Clip Timeline
    • Using actions to control a Timeline
    • Using frame labels
    • Responding to user interactions
    Adding Sound and Video
    • Importing sound
    • Changing sound properties
    • Adding sound to a Timeline
    • Embedding video in a Timeline
    • Using the Adobe FLVPlayback component
    Publishing Adobe Flash Documents
    • Using different publishing formats
    • Using publishing profiles
    • Adding Adobe Flash Player detection
    • Publishing for deployment
    Controlling Visual Objects with Adobe Flash ActionScript
    • Using the Actions and Help panels
    • Declaring variables and their data types
    • Using the trace() function
    • Using code hinting
    • Assigning instance names and using them to assign runtime property values
    • Using the with operator
    • Introducing core properties of visual built-in classes: Movie Clip, Button, and Text Field
    • Controlling Button and Movie Clip position and visual state
    • Controlling Text Field content
    • Introducing core properties of non-visual built-in classes: Math
    • Using mathematical operators
    • Understanding data type conversion Using and Writing Functions
    • Working with Adobe Flash Player global functions
    • Converting values returned from functions and assigning them for display
    • Writing user defined functions
    • Returning, or not returning, data from a function
    • Understanding variable scope
    • Adding code within a Movie Clip symbol's own timeline
    • Introducing the this operator
    • Understanding object methods
    • Introducing core methods of visual built-in classes: Movie Clip and Text Field
    • Controlling the Movie Clip play head within its timeline
    • Loading external Movie Clip content
    • Understanding cross-domain security issues
    • Exporting and attaching Movie Clip symbol instances at runtime
    • Writing and using user defined functions to create visual content
    • Understanding depth
    • Dynamically referring to instance names and property names at runtime
    Using Text, Dates, Math, and Paths
    • Controlling Text Field formatting through code
    • Creating and formatting Text Fields at runtime
    • Using Date objects
    • Working with String concatenation
    • Generating random numbers and integers using the Math class
    • Understanding relative path names
    • Controlling nested Movie Clip objects
    Understanding and Handling Events
    • Understanding event driven programming
    • Working with event handler syntax
    • Moving from symbol-based to timeline-based event handling
    • Introducing core events of visual built-in classes: Button, Movie Clip, and Text Field
    • Controlling the play head within an event handler
    • Understanding the this keyword inside an event handler
    • Creating rollover effects
    • Responding to Text Field focus events
    • Calling a single function from multiple event handlers
    • Referring to a parent object from within an event handler
    Managing Color, Sound, and Data with Built
  • In Classes
    • Understanding complex (aggregate) variables
    • Working with Arrays
    • Working with generic Objects
    • Transforming Movie Clip objects using Transform and Color Transform objects
    • Generating random color transformations
    • Using Sound objects
    • Creating audio feedback with event-driven sounds linked from the Library
    Making Decisions and Repeating Yourself
    • Understanding looped code
    • Using loops and arrays to attach, name, and control Movie Clip objects
    • Using loops to create, name, and control Text Fields to display data object values
    • Understanding conditional code execution
    • Surveying the comparison and logical operators
    • Using if/else comparison to toggle Movie Clip visual states
    Animating with Adobe Flash ActionScript
    • Dragging and dropping a Movie Clip object
    • Testing for collision between Movie Clip objects
    • Initializing attached Movie Clip objects
    • Using the on Enter Frame event handler
    • Controlling visual change rate
    • Testing and responding to position at runtime
  • Location Details

    This course is provided at the Bristol training centre located at:

    The Waterfront
    Welsh Back
    BS1 4SB

    The training centre is conveniently located in central Bristol in the popular Waterfront area of the city and is easily accessible from Bristol Temple Meads.

    Daily course times run between 10am and 5pm with an hour break for lunch and both mid morning and mid-afternoon refreshment breaks.

    XChange Training Location Bristol

    ↑ Click the map to view a larger version ↑

  • Flash CC Masterclass - Upcoming Bristol Course Dates

  • Client Reviews

    "The course was totally tailored to our needs. Fabulous delivery, shame we ran out of time!"

    Michelle Harrison, Greater Manchester Police, Bespoke Intermediate - 1 Day Bespoke

    "Learnt more than expected from an intro course! Trainer made sure we got it at all stages and the small group really helped."

    Leyla Sanai, The Co-operative Group, Flash - 2 Day Introduction

    "The instructor was very clear and constructive. Good examples to work through."

    Alex Farr, University of Portsmouth, Flash - 3 Day Introduction

    "The training was very effective and the key concepts of using Flash were delivered very well. The trainer quickly adapted to our specific needs. "

    Aaron Singson, Idox, Flash - 2 Day Bespoke

    "I found the course most rewarding and the trainer was excellent. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and it took my knowledge to a whole other level."

    Lena Hultkvist, The Swedish Church in London, Flash ACA - 5 Day Masterclass

    "Extremely useful professional knowledge from someone in the industry who knows what they're talking about."

    Michael Riley, Selfridges, Maxon Cinema 4D - 4 Day Masterclass

    "The course was well structured, very informative and the trainer was brilliant!"

    Katherine Parmley, Joyce Design, Cinema 4D - 2 Day Introduction

    "Great trainer, very versatile, able to move with confidence from one subject/ question to another. "

    Boris Thuery, Design Laboratory, Maxon Cinema 4D - 2 Day Introduction

    "Thank you very much. Everything was presented in a clear manner and the tutor was really helpful."

    Nawar Albazaz, Vectorworks - 2 Day Introduction

    "Great course - very useful. Excited about using what we've learnt and applying it to the content I'm currently working on/creating..."

    Jim Ottewill, PRS For Music, WordPress - 2 Day Introduction