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Our commitment

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Privacy-related queries

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XChange Training Location Manchester

Use HTML & CSS to create Websites Landing pages Interactive emails Games

HTML/HTML5 & CSS/CSS3 Introduction Masterclass 4 Days - Manchester

Key Course Details:


Introduction to Advanced


- 10am to 5pm


£750 + vat

Go from being a novice to having a firm grasp of the languages that power almost everything you can find on the web. Our course on HTML and CSS covers the basics of these web standards and then gives you an insight into the latest features that are used by web-design professionals.

We guide you on what HTML and CSS are and how they are written and show you how to produce and style your content ready for a web audience. Then we go further and show you the powerful new features of HTML5 and CSS3 as you learn how to improve the structure and appearance of your pages. From a blank canvas, we cover all the steps you need to get up to speed as an author of stylish, semantic web documents.

Go from being a novice to having a firm grasp of the languages that power almost everything you can find on the web. Our course on HTML and CSS covers the basics of these web standards and then gives you an insight into the latest features that are used by web-design professionals.

We guide you on what HTML and CSS are and how they are written and show you how to produce and style your content ready for a web audience. Then we go further and show you the powerful new features of HTML5 and CSS3 as you learn how to improve the structure and appearance of your pages. From a blank canvas, we cover all the steps you need to get up to speed as an author of stylish, semantic web documents.

  • HTML/HTML5 & CSS/CSS3 Masterclass 4 Days

    Course Details

    This 4-day Masterclass course will give you a comprehensive grounding in how web pages are structured and styled. You will learn how web pages work under the hood and how you can put together your own files for the web. We will also show you how to use CSS to control every aspect of a site's visuals: its fonts, colours, leading, margins, and more. We will then move on to discuss recent enhancements to web standards as we take a look at the advanced design features built in to HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 introduces new features that allow designers to produce richer, more semantic code. We also cover the cutting-edge visual enhancements in the new CSS3 standard, giving you an insight into the impressive results that can be achieved by web professionals.

    Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the syntax and structure of HTML pages
    • Insert tags, attributes, and values into a page
    • Define titles, headings, and page regions
    • Add links, alternate text content, and background images
    • Position and resize images and other page elements
    • Work with colours
    • Use correct styles instead of deprecated HTML tags
    • Design without relying on tables
    • Include padding, margins, borders, and backgrounds
    • Write selectors to target only specific parts of a page
    • Produce horizontal and vertical navigation bars
    • Style hyperlinks
    • Differentiate between external, embedded, and inline styles
    • Appreciate the differences between the current and previous HTML and CSS standards
    • Insert the new DOCTYPE declaration in HTML5 documents
    • Identify deprecated tags that should no longer be used
    • Structure documents using new HTML5 tags
    • Implement better forms using new HTML5 inputs and placeholders
    • Apply CSS3 transitions, shadows, and border radius effects
    • Enhance text with CSS-controlled fonts for the web

    Our goals are for you gain an all-round understanding of the structure and styling of web pages, and to appreciate the latest methods for enhancing document semantics and improving visual appearance.

    This course can be taken in a single 4-day block or split into a 2-day block (Introduction to HTML and CSS) and then a separate 2-day block (HTML5 and CSS3) taken at a later date.

    Course Target Audience and delegate prerequisites:

    This course is intended for anyone interested in producing, editing, or visually styling content for the web.

    You will need basic PC or Mac skills, including a solid understanding of a computer's operating system (Windows or Mac OS). You will also need to know how to launch a program, create and save files, and copy files from CDs and other media.

    classroom image
  • Full Course Outline

    The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.

    Introducing HTML
    • A brief overview of HTML and the world wide web
    • Browser and resolution issues
    • The syntax and structure of HTML
    • Introducing tags, attributes and values
    • Meeting logical and physical tags
    • Container and empty elements
    Getting started
    • Understanding the DTD (document type declaration)
    • Defining the Head and Body regions
    • Structuring and formatting your content using Block and Character level tags
    • Fonts and colour
    • Sizing text and using headings
    • Indenting using Blockquotes
    • Using Horizontal Rules
    • Including Escape characters
    • Naming conventions
    • Including a Title for your pages
    • Testing your site in different browsers
    • Understanding colour for the web
    • Working with hexadecimal
    • Meeting web safe colours
    • Applying colour to text, tables and cells
    • The different image formats used on the web
    • Placing and linking an image
    • Adding alternate text
    • Sizing and positioning images
    • Creating a simple table
    • Adding rows and cells
    • Adding content to cells
    • Formatting tables and cells
    • Creating relative links between pages
    • Creating absolute links to other sites
    • Creating mailto links and links to non-HTML files
    • Adding named anchor links to long pages
    • Adding links to images
    Introducing CSS
    • Understanding the limitations of HTML
    • The evolution and current status of CSS
    • Where to keep up to date with CSS
    • CSS and CSS2
    CSS structure
    • The importance of DTD (document type declaration) when using CSS
    • The Style and Comment HTML tags
    • claration block
    • ID and class styles
    Applying and modifying CSS
    • Embedded styles
    • InLine styles
    • External Style Sheets
    • Locating amending embedded styles
    • Locating and amending inline styles
    • Linking vs importing external style sheets
    CSS with HTML
    • ID vs Class selectors
    • Descendant selectors and grouping selectors
    • The DIV and SPAN tags
    Typography with CSS
    • Fonts and font families
    • Sizing text using different units of measure
    • Line height
    • Font weight
    • Working with colour
    • Creating relative links between pages
    • Creating absolute links to other sites
    • Creating mailto links and links to non-HTML files
    • Adding named anchor links to long pages
    • Adding links to images
    Improved layout
    • Using the box model
    • Padding and margins
    • Element positioning
    Working with HTML5
    • A brief overview of the history and development of HTML
    • The importance of standards
    • The W3C, WHATWG and HTML5
    • Do we need/want HTML5?
    • What is and what is not HTML5
    • Can we start using it now?
    • What features can we begin using?
    • Browser, mobile and device support
    Simplified markup
    • The new DOCTYPE declaration
    • Simplified charset
    • Looser coding standards
    • Good practice to ensure consistency
    • Depreciated tags and attributes
    Basic page structure
    • Understanding the outline algorithm
    • Ensuring cross browser structure
    • Structuring top-level and interior level content
    • Meeting the new content models
    Structural content
    • Introducing the new HTML5 semantic tags
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Section
    • Aside
    • Article
    • Hgroup
    Interior content
    • Figure
    • Figcaption
    • The role of the DIV Tag
    • Ensuring block-level display
    Video & audio
    • Plug-in free markup
    • The new video and audio elements
    • Overview of video & audio codecs
    • How to convert video to ogg, mp4 and webm
    • Including fallback content
    • Customising the video & audio players
    • Introducing the canvas API
    • Drawing basic shapes
    • Simple animation
    • Loading an image
    Drag & drop
    • Brief overview
    HTML5 forms
    • Meeting the new input types
    • Setting autofocus
    • Using placeholder data
    • The new date picker
    • Spinners and sliders
    • A brief overview of the history CSS
    • Image borders
    • Shadows
    • Rounded corners
    • @font-face
    • Server fonts
    • Font licensing issues
    • 2D transforms and transitions
  • Location Details

    This course is provided at the XChange Training Manchester training centre based at:

    Piccadilly House
    49 Piccadilly
    M1 2AP

    Piccadilly House is located in the heart of Manchester directly next to the Piccadilly Gardens transport interchange with excellent bus and tram connections and is easily accessed from Piccadilly train Station (5 mins). Victoria station is also close by (around 10 mins).

    Daily course times run between 10am and 4:30pm with an hour break for lunch and both mid morning and mid-afternoon refreshment breaks. We recommend arrival at 9.45am for registration on the first day of the course.

    View Full details of our Manchester Training Venue and Course options

    XChange Training Location Manchester

    ↑ Click the map to view a larger version ↑

  • HTML & CSS Masterclass 4 Days - Upcoming Manchester Course Dates

    13 Dec - 17 Dec Special Offer! £675 + vat
    24 Jan - 27 Jan £750 + vat
    21 Mar - 24 Mar £750 + vat
    23 May - 26 May £750 + vat
    25 Jul - 28 Jul £750 + vat
    19 Sep - 22 Sep £750 + vat

    HTML & CSS Masterclass 4 Days - Split Date Options

    HTML Introduction

    13 Dec - 14 Dec
    24 Jan - 25 Jan
    21 Mar - 22 Mar
    23 May - 24 May
    25 Jul - 26 Jul
    19 Sep - 20 Sep

    HTML Advanced

    15 Dec - 16 Dec
    26 Jan - 27 Jan
    23 Mar - 24 Mar
    25 May - 26 May
    27 Jul - 28 Jul
  • Client Reviews

    "Very well structured and clearly explained. Good facilities, resources and class size. Met all expectations and realised objectives. Would definitely consider XChange Training for future requirements. "

    Aoife Breen, UCLU, HTML & CSS - 2 Day Introduction

    "The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient and went at just the right learning speed for my level. One to one tutorial has been very beneficial for my learning of HTML and CSS and a great introduction."

    Dawn Irons, Imago Group plc, HTML and CSS - 2 Day Introduction

    "Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Also, was very good at tailoring the course to suit the speed/competency of the pupils. I enjoyed the course immensely."

    Nik Dyer, MWH Global, HTML & CSS - Two Day Introduction

    "Great pace, level of entry and range of ad hoc knowledge made learning incredibly easy and enjoyable. Actually left feeling like I could be a Web Designer."

    Bret Painter, UK Metro, HTML5 & CSS3 - 3 Day Introduction

    "Knowledgeable trainer, great style pace and inclusion of all delegates. One of the best trainers I have seen in my 'many' years......thank you"

    Perry Hailey, Gatwick Airport, HTML & CSS - 2 Day Introduction

    "Very enjoyable and informative. The fact that full and unrestricted access to learning materials and assets (i.e. presentations and demonstration files) was given throughout the course was a welcome change from other providers."

    David Swingler, Fingo, HTML & CSS - 2 Day Introduction

    "Brilliant day - fun and informative. Covered exactly what I needed. "

    Lisa Simmonds, Penguin Books, HTML - 1 Day Introduction

    "Great training course, extremely happy with the content covered and learnt. Now have a clear understanding on the basics of HTML and CSS, would definitely use XChange Training again."

    Alex Ottley, TM Lewin, HTML & CSS - 1 Day Bespoke

    "The course was helpful and informative but not overly taxing and complicated. I came with some understanding of HTML 'jargon' but felt it was pitched at the right level and at comfortable pace. The instructor was friendly and approachable. Overall very well done and a nice atmosphere."

    Florence Clark, Voodoo Research, HTML - 1 Day Introduction

    "Great course - excellent tuition, really well-paced and loads of practical hands-on exercises. I have learned huge amounts in 2 days and now feel I could tackle an HTML website with confidence. Thanks!!"

    Simon Gent, Gent Beecham, HTML & CSS - 2 Day Introduction