01/21 Update: All courses available as Live Remote Training. Our classrooms also remain open for secure courses as education.

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XChange Consultancy and Creative Services

XChange Training's specialist knowledge of the creative and publishing industries means we can offer assistance that goes way beyond the classroom.

With years of industry knowledge at our fingertips, we can provide expert consultancy to create, develop, and support your projects and workflows. We will get to know your business, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to analyse and improve your work. With our help, your projects will benefit from better, more efficient processes.

We cover such a wide range of training that we are able to offer consultancy services in many different areas. Perhaps you need help with PDF or colour management workflows? How about FileMaker database solutions or Colour Workflow profiling? We can also assist with website development issues, 3D modelling, database management, and much more.

For more information, take a look at the consultancy services below and get in touch on services@xchangetraining.co.uk. Alternatively, complete the associated form with your enquiry.

eLearning Projects with Adobe Captivate

We will help you reduce the time it takes to train staff by showing you how to produce stylish and compelling eLearning projects in Adobe Captivate. With our guidance, you will plan, record, edit, and publish quality learning material for your organisation.

  • Create professional eLearning content
  • Reduce training time and cost
  • Improve staff knowledge
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Graphic Design

We will help you create and develop professional graphic-design projects. Our experts will give you new ideas and fresh insight on how to improve your visual identity. We offer guidance on branding, logos, infographics, design templates, and much more.

  • Add flair to your design ideas
  • Improve logos and visual branding
  • Create eye-catching infographics
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Cinema 4D: 3D Modelling, Rendering and Animation

Our experts can help you to create realistic 3D models and show you the best practices in Cinema 4D for rendering, animation, and post production. We will organise projects of any size, advise on how best to use budgets, cut development time, and improve your final product.

  • Produce better 3D models and animations
  • Reduce design and development time
  • Full-time management on large projects
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SketchUp: 3D Modelling and Rendering

Let us show you how to transfer your design ideas into working 3D models in SketchUp. We will help develop your concepts, improve your visualisation techniques, and support your work as you learn how to create and enhance your modelling and rendering projects.

  • Develop concepts into working 3D models
  • Learn efficient 3D workflows
  • Enhance rendering techniques
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Web Design

Let us help you design and develop a professional website for your organisation. Our consultants will show you how to build an accessible site optimised for search (SEO). We can even set up a Content Management System (CMS) and blog, giving you a simple way to control your content.

  • Full service design and development
  • CMS and blog setup
  • SEO applied to all sites
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Enfocus PDF Workflows

Let us show you how to eliminate repetitive tasks by creating professional automation routines with the Enfocus suite of programs. Our experts will guide you on editing and preflighting, and on eliminating common PDF mistakes from your workflows.

  • Automate repetitive workflows
  • Edit and preflight your PDFs
  • Avoid common PDF mistakes
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Colour Management

We use our years of experience of working with photographers, designers, and printers to show you how best to manage colours in your projects. We will help you set up profiling, understand lighting, fix common image mistakes, and improve your workflows for web and for print.

  • Apply PDF and ISO standards
  • Prepare content for web and for print
  • Fix common image/brand mistakes
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Data-driven Websites with PHP, FileMaker Pro and MySQL

Our experts have years of understanding of database systems and will show you how to create and manage powerful websites for your organisation. We will help you choose the right system and will even provide the custom code that will get your database-driven site off the ground.

  • Assess and discuss database options
  • Get started with our expert coding
  • Maintain your database
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 Services Page

Database Publishing with EM Software

We will give you the knowledge to create and maintain a variety of database-driven content, using Em Software's suite of tools. Our experts will show you how to avoid the common mistakes in database setups, and you will learn how to produce faster, more efficient storage systems.

  • Publish books, directories, tickets, and more
  • Improve efficiency with better workflows
  • Avoid common database mistakes
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ePub & Interactive PDFs

We will work with you to produce great workflows for publishing ePub documents, PDFs, and even apps that can appear in the iTunes Store. With our design and development help, you will be able to output professional interactive material that captures your audience's attention.

  • Publish attractive ePub documents
  • Add rich interactivity to PDFs
  • Create and market your own apps
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FileMaker Pro

Let our experts show you how to get the best out of FileMaker Pro by helping you capture information and manage your databases in the most efficient way, even for very large sets of data. Protect your business by learning how to import and export data with confidence.

  • Capture and manage data efficiently
  • Import/export your data
  • Best practices for big data
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