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Cinema 4D the new Industry Standard?

Is Cinema 4D the new standard for 3D Design?

Cinema 4D has overtaken Maya and Lightwave as the chosen tool for many in the field of 3D. You only need to look at the recruitment adverts for a true reflection of this. The ease of use has been a major factor, and with the addition of Vray and a huge resource of plugins, Maxon are leading the way. The interface and customisation is a lesson to even the likes of Adobe – the ability to drag pallets around and dock them used to be the pride of Photoshop and Illustrator until Maxon took it to a whole new level. The Tool History alone is a huge time saver and the Content library itself proved so popular Adobe are now trying their own version in AfterFX. As a nod to what Maxon have achieved with just one awesome package, Adobe are now attempting to integrate C4D into the post production workflow.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 08.18.53

Historical Trend

This can only be a good thing? Time will tell, but for now Maxon are riding a crest of the wave – who does this remind me of? Oh yes, I remember… Quark! And what did history teach us – loyalty can be fickle if you don’t maintain your flagship product. Although it has to be said, Maxon have gone so far ahead of the competition, they can afford to be complacent.

Cinema 4D Sample Model

So what element would I recommend the C4D team to enhance? Pricing and upgrade… Take a leaf out of Adobe’s new strategy of the CC – monthly payments and monthly upgrades. I have to admit to being a little worried when Adobe changed the way we bought software, but not anymore. I much prefer a small monthly cost for using the best tool for post production and motion graphics.

Cinema 4D Model Sample

If you haven’t had a go with 3D before, then you are missing out on a whole world of fun. I love teaching people how to use C4D, and how quickly they all pick it up. It’s not the steep learning curve it used to be… times have changed!

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Posted by Ben Dale on 3rd December, 2015