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5 Ways Architects Can Use Sketchup

Computer-aided design has come a long way since the introduction of programs such as Photoshop, and Trimble SketchUp is just one of the powerful tools architects can now use to bring their visions to life. Due to its functionality and simplicity, it’s no surprise that SketchUp has become a popular choice for those in a… Read the full article.

Cinema 4D – Choosing the right version

Cinema 4D has more heads than a Hydra(!) so what is the difference and who are they all for? Cinema 4D Lite – £Free If you visit Maxon’s website, you won’t find this version for sale, in fact you may already have it installed. If you subscribe to Adobe’s CC bundle and have After Effects… Read the full article.

Best Practice for Animation Design

Animation is one of the most versatile creative art forms. Whether it’s being used to create an award-winning film by Disney or Pixar, in a TV advert, a game for Xbox or PlayStation, by architects to demonstrate their vision, or adding movement to an infographic – animation sequences can be used in a number of… Read the full article.

What does 2017 hold for the Creative Industries?

We may be part of the way into 2017, but there’s still time to share our predictions for the future of the creative industries this year. But first, let’s recap what happened over the past 12 months. 2016 saw data-driven marketing and advertising boom, and the way we consume content changed completely. With video becoming… Read the full article.

How to achieve Faster Renders in Cinema 4D

Tired of hanging around all day waiting for your Cinema 4D renders to finish? Give these settings a go and see how much faster you can get the software to render. Reflection Depth The first thing you can do with projects to speed them up is reduce the number of times a reflection can bounce… Read the full article.

Creating Web Banner Animations with Adobe Edge

This video tutorial explains how to create animations using Adobe Edge Animate. It covers step by step the process of importing images into Edge Animate and adding them to the composition. The tutorial includes placing the images and then how to position them and to animate them quickly and easily to make design more compelling…. Read the full article.

Cinema 4D the new Industry Standard?

Is Cinema 4D the new standard for 3D Design? Cinema 4D has overtaken Maya and Lightwave as the chosen tool for many in the field of 3D. You only need to look at the recruitment adverts for a true reflection of this. The ease of use has been a major factor, and with the addition… Read the full article.