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Design Jobs of the Future

Design and technology is a realm where it’s hard to predict what will happen next, and we’re already in a place no one could have predicted we’d arrive at. Creatively we are all evolving, as are the tech platforms and methods we use, so it’s natural that the job roles required to aid the future of design are also evolving alongside.

Designers currently work across platforms to build cohesive design experiences, but new tech advances are requiring roles to be more specific and targeted. Design thinking is now being incorporated into business structures with a new culture of design emerging.

Design can create the future of anything and these 5 design jobs of the future are set to make that happen!

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Avatar Programmer
Virtual reality content is set to be worth an estimated $5.4 billion a year by 2025, proving its worth in the creative market and the need for avatar programmers emerging. Avatars are icons or figures which represent a likeness to a particular person in anything from games to internet profiles. With apps, movies and games all advancing and including celebrity characters, likeness representations will become increasingly important. Clients will need to be analysed for motion and speech emotive action to allow Avatar Programmers to create correct representations.

Cyber Director
Personalisation in media is nothing new, but with so many platforms and devices to cover the need for Cyber Directors to assist machine automations will help to provide leadership for creative projects. Experience of dealing with complex code language and human-cyber relationships will be essential.

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Drone Experience Expert
Drones were big news in 2015, with Deloitte reporting that sales of drones were expected to reach somewhere in the region of $200-$400 million in 2015. Alongside Amazon launching Prime Air, which aims to use drones to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less, drones are taking off. The user experience and end consumer interactions now need to be considered to build up trust in the market. Drone Experience Experts can help to design systems which build customer satisfaction, reduce risks to the public and ensure privacy concerns are dealt with.

Design and tech are two platforms which continue to evolve together as one develops so does the other and the need to keep both in harmony together will be the role of the Fusionist. The ability to work across platforms, technologies and design roles, fusing together art with science. Connecting tech to design and keeping the end goal in sight will help a Fusionist to succeed.

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Machine Learning Designer
Machine learning is a concept which looks set to evolve over the next 5 to 10 years as it starts to infiltrate the mainstream. Through constructing data and algorithms, a Machine Learning Designer will enable companies to use artificially intelligent products and services to aid consumer decision making. Creating the digital experience for consumers machine learning focuses on personalisation of services.

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Whatever design and tech holds for the future, it looks set to be bright and investing in digital training can help to prepare for the future job market. To enhance your digital skills view the range of design and graphics courses and web design and coding courses on our website.

Posted by XCT Marketing on 10th February, 2016